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Locksfield Leonbergers

Born 06 Jan 2010

HIPS = 3:6


EYES = Clear/Normal Angles

LPN1 = N/N

LPN2 - N/N



Monty was our first Leo.


Monty is easy going and very laid back, until it comes to water.  Swimming is his passion, whether it be water rescue training or ditch diving on his way down to the Medway.


We are also very proud of how gentle he is when visiting the elderly and meeting the new puppies at ringcraft.


Monty was a star contestant on the BBC's 'Sport Relief Top Dog' programme in March and subsequently appeared on  'The One Show' and at Dogs Live.


Debbollinby Angel or Demon at Locksfield...


Rounded square Monty on One Show 1

KC Stud Book Number 1369CY


Graded "Excellent" - 3rd in Open at Breed Club Show 2013, Deinze, Belguim


Graded "Excellent" at Breed Club Show 2012, Deinze, Belguim


PAT Dog Registered


KC Good Citizen Bronze & Silver Awards

Monty puppies due mid December !

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