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Locksfield Leonbergers

Kezzie is a very pretty girl who is always on the go and loves being outdoors.  When indoors nothing pleases her more than if she manages to sneak upstairs and snuggle on a bed!


Sadly following Kezzie's LPN2 results she will not be bred from.  She is still our special girl, full of fun and ever so loving.


Born 06 Mar 2011

HIPS = 5:2


EYES = Clear/Normal Angles

LPN1 = N/N

LPN2 - D/N



Seaxa Kestrel of Locksfield...


Rounded square Rounded square


Crufts Qualified 2 years running


Graded "Excellent" at Breed Club Show 2012, Deinze, Belguim


3rd Intermediate Bitch at Breed Club Show 2012, Deinze, Belguim


KC Good Citizen Bronze Award